About DimOrder

Founded in 2019, DimOrder management team consists of Hong Kong, Chinese and Taiwanese professionals from Food & Beverage, Technology, Finance and Logistic field. DimOrder aims to provide a one stop electronic platform to restaurants and their customers to improve the quality and efficiency of the Food & Beverage industry, while shaping a more environmental friendly world. Founded in Hong Kong, DimOrder is looking to change the world.

“Dim” (also meaning “Point” in Chinese)

Success is built on innovation and perseverance, the core value of DimOrder consists of multiple “Points” of new functionality and ideas which improve the service flow of the Food & Beverage industry. These “Points” connect with each other to form a line of core value, which refines the customer experience of Food & Beverage industry.

“Order” (also meaning “Simplicity” in Chinese)

DimOrder builds on simplicity. DimOrder aims for simple, user friendly and comfortable Food & Beverage culture. With DimOrder, the qualities and efficiency restaurants service are improved. Staff working environment is upgraded and paper usage is reduced.

DimOrder constantly seeks innovation. From offline to online, DimOrder develops various servicing “Points” to create value via its all-round service plan.