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Bringing convenience to people by powering small and medium F&B business


So Much More Than Ordering!

We believe that relationships are the most important elements in life. We aspire to bring people closer with technology. We are constantly driven to increase efficiency of workflow so that life can be more about people and not other things.

Since inception, we have been doing much more than just ordering. We helped entrepreneurs run their business smarter, create more successful marketing strategies and provide the best customer experience. We constantly adjust and adapt to the rapid-changing environment and we never stop learning.

We believe that we can bring value to the world by making every step easier for everyone.

We make headlines.


By |July 18th, 2020|Categories: News|

【點單】已成為InvestHK客戶成員之一。作為初創科技企業,點單希望為飲食界提高效率,簡化堂食及外賣流程,電子化市場推廣及降低營運成本。於疫情環境下,開源節流!轉危為機! https://www.investhk.gov.hk/en/client-profiles/infinity-technology-corporation-limited.html

HKET 專題報導

By |April 8th, 2020|Categories: News|

【疫市營商】平台抽成高中小食肆難捱 本土科創推外賣網免佣渡難關 新冠肺炎肆虐,食肆堂食蕭條,外賣生意卻風生水起,可是就算餐廳外賣生意再好,第三方外賣平台高額抽成一直都壓得加盟餐廳喘不過氣,賺到的錢大部分交了「手續費」。有港人決定整合科創公司資源,為食肆提供另一選擇。 「WiFinnity」創辦於 2018 年 6 月,業務圍繞免費 Wi-Fi 連線服務 [...]

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